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About Our Smoke Shop

IMG950634Our vision was to open more than just a smoke shop. We didn’t just want a place where our customers can walk in, make a purchase, and walk out.

We wanted to be a destination. A place where you could not only get the best in selection and merchandise, but a place where you would feel at home just hanging out with us. A place that was pleasing to the senses, and somewhere you knew you would be treated like family.

We feel we’ve accomplished this with Bear Smoke, and look forward to meeting you!

Principles of Our Work


Diversity means that everyone is welcome here. We will never turn you away, never deny you service, never make you feel like an outsider.


Just because we’re on ‘this side of the counter,’ doesn’t mean we can never learn from our customers. You are truly appreciated.


We simply have no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get, and we believe you’ll like what you see.


We stand by our products and services because it’s simply the right thing to do. Period. End of story.

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